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The CTF Objective Structured Clinical Examination Course is a comprehensive one and a half day training event that enables you to approach the OSCE in the most efficient way. This is done by incorporating Examiner feedback and a range of OSCE stations, providing tips across the course program. The approach to Leadership and Management stations sets an excellent foundation for Consultant interviews as management decisions that form a crucial part of your future clinical practice. The Leadership and Management Stations are also part of the registrar curriculum.
Day 1 - Approach and Practice
  • 10-15 stations
  • History Taking stations
  • Communication stations
  • Linked stations
  • Risk Management stations
  • Interpretation and Psychoeducation stations
  • Child and Adolescent and Eating Disorder stations
  • Complex OSCE stations
Day 2 - Leadership and Management Stations (Registrars and Exemption Candidates)
  • These vivas cover leadership and management questions which are increasingly becoming part of the registrar curriculum e.g. Dealing with impaired doctors, Discussion with team members, developing a service etc
  • Structure to approach Exam Stations
  • Stations Discussion and Practice
  • Participants receive access to the Tutorial on Consultancy (Leadership and Management) Vivas after the course

The most important tip for passing the OSCE’s is 'PRACTICE'. Although the CTF OSCE/M-OSCE Course covers a lot of material and provides an excellent foundation, unless you rehearse the various stations on your own, it can be difficult to pass the OSCE/M-OSCE. Psych Interview is an online training centre that has been developed for this exact purpose; to allow you to prepare and rehearse in your own time. With over 50 stations performed by a Consultant Psychiatrist, Psych Interview is the perfect exam prep tool and comes highly recommended by previous and current users. 
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