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The Psych Scene team are passionate about education and go the extra mile to ensure that the offered training portfolio becomes the best investment you make in your psychiatry career. With the assistance of web, design and video specialists, professional actors and course venue providers Psych Scene offer comprehensive training packages to fully prepare you for the RANZCP written and clinical exams.

Cruise Through The Fellowship courses are developed and facilitated by Dr Sanil Rege, Consultant Psychiatrist, who has had firsthand experience of the MRCPsych and FRANZCP exams. Having attended several courses himself, Dr Rege has brought together the most essential to create the CTF Courses and the innovative online concepts, Psych Interview and Psych Evidence.

With her background in marketing and passion for customer solutions, Jaana Rege puts together the puzzle of delivering and further expanding the idea of great educational outcomes for psychiatry professionals as the Business Development Manager of Psych Scene.

Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist Dr Antonella Ventura is an experienced Examiner and has been closely involved with the Examinations Committee. She provides valuable feedback to the CTF Clinical Course participants and offers important insight in the further development of the CTF Course program.  

Dr Neil Jeyasingam provides valuable insights for the OCI course in old age psychiatry and personality disorders. He is an old age psychiatrist with a special interest in psychodynamic psychotherapy and personality disorders. He holds a Masters in Health Administration and a Masters in Psychiatry, and was a research fellow with the Institute of Psychiatry Sydney and the Institute of Psychiatry UK. 

Michelle Guillemard lectures on Critical Essay writing. She is an experienced medical writer and an award-winning digital content manager. She has worked for some of the biggest names in health and medicine, such as the British Medical Journal and Elsevier. As well as owning her own freelance health writing business, Michelle runs Health Writer Hub, a global community with resources for writers who specialise in health and medicine. Michelle has been an Executive Member of the Australasian Medical Writers Association since 2011 and operates a mentoring program to help medical writers achieve their career goals.

Pass the exams and pass the word onwards to your colleagues. Let us know how you think we should continue to develop the CTF Courses and other Psych Scene products. Your opinion is vital in shaping and continually adding value to our training initiatives.


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