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CTF Psychiatry Forum > Question on CAP Paper5 (Aug2009 Manual)
Question on CAP Paper5 (Aug2009 Manual)
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Feb 23, 2010
8:24 PM
Hi Sanil,
I attended the course for the Aug '09 Prep, and am sitting the exam next week. Just wanted to confirm something on a Crit Appraisal question.
- Paper 5: Cost-effectiveness of first Vs second generation antipsychotics (Davies Et Al 2007 BJP): Q1- What kind of study is this?

Wanted to confirm if the study is actually a Cost Utility analysis, and not cost-effectiveness as outlined in the title- as the outcomes are measured in QALYs.

Thanks for the help.
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Feb 25, 2010
6:55 PM
Hi shalini,

This question has been asked in the forum and posted previously. Refer to economic analysis thread by indikaj.
Good luck!


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