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CTF Psychiatry Forum > Some SAQs from March 2010 Paper 1
Some SAQs from March 2010 Paper 1
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Mar 03, 2010
1:26 AM
Hi shalini,

thank you for your efforts . It is really helpful . I would be grateful if others could also post any questions that they can recall on the forum to help others in the future.
Cheers and good luck for paper II

2 posts
Mar 22, 2010
7:36 PM
some SAQ
Difference between CBT and psychoanalytic model- Oxford Handbook very nicely given
neuroimaging findings in schizophrenia
one question was on different types of behavior therapies for OCD ???not sure exactly
2 questions on alexithymia one was at diagnosis and i think other about treatment
1) Sleep disorders
2) common syndomes associated with the symptoms
- self harm prader willi
- over eating- prader willi
- di george syndrome - schizophrenia
- congenital deafness- rubella
3) drugs that best in hyperprolactenemia: clozapjne and aripiprazole
4) low EPSE's
5) excessive salivation

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