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General approach to OSCE
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Mar 03, 2010
1:36 PM
Hi Sanil,

Can you give some advise on how to approach an OSCE station? Can we categorise different stations? eg assessment,management, giving advise...
where the biopsychosocial fits in all these?
what about stations like implementation of smoke free policy where we may not have prior knowledge or experience?


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Mar 09, 2010
2:24 AM
hi mohsen30,

It is difficult to categorise stations into particular domains as the OSCE's for the RANZCP exam are usually a cobination of 2 or 3 tasks. The MRCPsych exam on the other hand usually is a time specific task.
The biopsychosocial model is applicable mainly if you are asked to formulate the case after the OSCE
Stations such as smoke free implementation can be approached via the CANMEDS model where you consider answering in the following domains.
Scholar, Professional, manager, educator, collaborator , advocate, communicator and medical expert.
The approach to the OSCE's and consultancy viva's are covered during the course via practice and the course booklet itself has essential reading material for the OSCE's. During the course you will be able to practice and learn the different approaches to OSCE's
Hope this helps
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Mar 14, 2010
3:13 AM
Hi Sanil,

Eventhough in the booklet there is a station re Huntington disease, can u give some hints about Pros and Cons of having a genetic test?

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Mar 16, 2010
5:33 AM
hi mohsen30,

Pros and cons of genetic test are mentioned in the book. Essentially , one has to perform a risk benefit analysis . The risk of carrying out a genetic test and its impact on the individual and family i.e: insurance implications, psychological impact of bad news, false positive and false negatives VS. the benefits of carrying out the test i.e ability to plan better , ability to inform other family members

The important thing is that information needs to be prvided about genetic testing, the individual goes through pre-test counselling via referral to a genetic counsellor and if the client chooses to proceed with the test , post test counselling.

Provide information, leaflets and refer to genetic counsellor, a decision is not usually made in a single appointment and involve other family members.

hope this helps
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Mar 17, 2010
3:38 AM
hi sanil,

thanks for the above explanation

2 questions

In the course, does evry body get a chance to do OSCE's and at least one full OCI and gets feedback about his/her performance?

would u suggest use of a timer in real exam?

Thank u

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