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Paper 2 March 2010
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Mar 18, 2010
7:55 PM
Its been a while since Paper 2, but as noone else has posted on it, I thought it might be useful for future candidates. This is a general impression of what I can recall being tested...

CEQ: "Propaganda is the enemy of reason and truth"
Silove, D., 2002. ‘The asylum debacle in Australia: a challenge for psychiatry.’ Aust N Z J Psychiatry. 2002
- I think the original article referred to asylum seekers, but question did not appear related to that, so I think the examiners are going to have quite a wide spread of somewhat unintelligible answers.

MEQs: Most were of a higher level of complexity than I'd previously encountered
1- Anxiety disorder (Social anxiety)/ Alcohol abuse- mainly on diagnosis/differentials and management of both conditions. Quite straightforward
2- Absolutely cannot recall this question! Must've been quite traumatic :)
3- CL question- assessment of a patient with overdose of unknown substances- differentials, management, CL framework. I think it included polysubstance OD of prescribed medications, including benzhexol.
4- CCT setting, woman with hx of PTSD, Indigenous background. Mainly on management of distress secondary to PTSD, confidentiality issues, community, etc. Somewhat vague question.

CAPs: Relatively easy. One on a large prospective cohort study, one on a case-control study. Questions mainly on bias, confounding, study design.

Hope this is helpful,
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Mar 20, 2010
12:45 AM
Good work Shalani. 2 weeks after the exam, can't remember most of the questions.
paper I, very few or no EMQs about names/ history of psychiatry,receptors,medication half lifes.(i am very lucky, if they ask about those couldn't score much anyway) Many on defence mechanisums. More questions on clinical practice than theoritical knowladge.
paper II - CAPs mainly on methadology, very little on statistics. MEQ 1 - features of most anxiety disorders in the world given, asking about DD mainly. MEQ - 2 involuntary patient, CTO expired, parent are doctors, how to explain about insight to them, also about ongoing management (support) in the community MEQ 3 - inaddition to above also inclded delerium picture, what advice you provide to nursing staff in medical ward etc.
If others also commented at least briefly, future candidates can gather some idea about the March paper.
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Mar 22, 2010
7:23 PM
if i am not wrong the missing MEQ was of young man with psychosis who has been non compliant and he has relapsed , asking about management, then next part of the question was aimed at that that young boy is now compliant and stable and is asking to come off cto, live by self as he was living with his parents, the question was how would u approach this situation
i started off with therapeutic alliance, feedback from all sources like faily case manager, his current mental and physical status, then commented that he deserves a chance to act on his plans with support, which included OT, pscyhologist, social worker, family, crisis team, GP and psychiatr follow up, briefly describing the roles of each team member. also commented on his insight and capacity.
cant remember anymore

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