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Exam technique
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Mar 24, 2010
12:29 AM
Hi Sanil,

I think, writtens is not about how much you know,but what can you write when you don't know. I haven't done this type exam before, but my guess would be that most of people should be able to pass it this time around.

I believe, that exam technique is a key to success. Hence, you might consider in your future workshops focusing more on exam technique.

Thanks for your help
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Mar 24, 2010
7:28 AM
Hi natasha69 ,

Thank you for your feedback.
With regards to technique I would say one thing , and this is from my personal experience with the english and australian exams

1. Aim to complete the paper ( use time efficiently)

Candidates find different ways of making sure of doing this , e.g starting the paper from a certain part , strict discipline in answering questions etc

However in order to make most use of ones time competent knowledge is indispensible . Thats because it enables you to answer the 'easy' questions quickly
What I mean by that , several candidates in answering questions make inefficent use of their time. E.g spend too long in EMQ's , answering SAQ's in long sentences etc leaving them pressured for time when confronted with challenging questions . That's why I focus on buzz words in the course and the notes .For e.g criteria for PTSD can be answered in 4 buzz words and take about 30 sec to write. same with several other SAQ's .
Now whilst I agree with the statement that ' writtens is not about what you know but what you can write when you don't know' , you give yourself the best chance of doing that when you have time and time is a function of knowledge which enables you to answer questions quickly leaving time to think about the more'difficult' questions.
There is not much more to say about technique and therefore the course focusses on knowledge and answering questions in a quick, complete and efficent way so that in the exam you will have the time to think when needed.
I wish you good luck for the results!



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Mar 29, 2010
3:45 PM
Hi Sanil,

I agree with all above. Although, I felt that my personal technique in MEQ was inefficient mainly because they asked a broad questions and use of 'grid' was impossible. It appeared to me that they intentionally changed questions so people do more’ creative' thinking rather than just use a plain grid.’ Buzz' words are good, although I found them to be somewhat unhelpful this time.

One of my colleagues was sitting for the third time and he said that this time paper 1 and paper2 were different from previous times. He felt, that the whole structure was somewhat new. Paper1 was easier and paper2 was harder due to MEQ, not CAP as previously.

Anyway, just thought other people would like to share their experiences.

As for me, I shall definitely attend your MOCK workshop when come to this stage.



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