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Possible OSCE questions
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Apr 07, 2010
5:28 AM
issues involved in the use of cultural liaison worker in indigenous patients

1. privacy and autonomy
2. confidentiality ( esp if they may be from same community)
3. consider language group
4. alternate explanatory models may be used - ask for clarification
5. in indigenous patients always consider the role of a indigenous liaison worker

2. Assessment of doctor
the main theme here is
a. impaired doctor not only due to possible drug use but also due to possible depression/ poor physical health: this is covered in notes along with ethical issues.

the important point to remember in situations of ethical dilemma is that you are not alone , always involve a senior as a registrar : in exam mention that you are aware what happens , but you will discuss this with your consultant first

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Apr 09, 2010
1:59 AM
Hi Sanil, can u comment pls


You are dealing with a minister of a church who has a mixture of different social classes and cultures. Recently there has been 4 suicides in the communuty. ages: 45, 35, 17x2
The minister wants to set up a support group.

Take a relevant history
How would you approach

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Apr 10, 2010
12:11 AM
Hi Sanil,

A 20 year old uni student in law admitted under ITO due to DIP. His father has just arrived from interstate and very angry at you that by ITO you have destroyed his son's job prospect as a lawyer. He feels that he is excluded from decision making. He demands explanation. WHAT WOULD BE A NICE WAY OF EMPHASISING THE IMPORTANCE OF CONFIDENTIALITY IN HIS SON AT THE SAME TIME MAKING HIM FEELING INCLUDED?

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Apr 13, 2010
9:56 PM
In addition to the response provided by the moderator to your question on the ethical issues related to the case of the 73 year old Doctor being assessed,
1. Confidentiality
2. conflict of interest in providinhg care for a docotr coleague
3. lastly the dilemma of providing care and establishing therapeutic alliance with a colleague who may know as much as yourself about the treatment you are giving him a phenomenon referred to as counselling the counsellor

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