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CTF Psychiatry Forum > IVI antipsychotics?
IVI antipsychotics?
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Jan 31, 2011
4:55 PM
For someone having a bad bad delirium due to medical reasons in a medical ward refusing all treatment. SHe has very low platelets count and had a IVC put in but required an hour to stop the bleeding afterwards.
Is there any IVI antipsychotics (if any) that could be used in this setting?
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Feb 01, 2011
12:03 AM
I don't think there are any fixed answers. If agitation needs to be controlled to prevent risk of accidental harm through falls, bruising etc which puts the patient at risk of intracranial bleeds then the usual antipsychotics may need to be administered I.M or I.V with cardiac and respiratory monitoring.
At the Ed where i worked previously all acute agitation was controlled in Ed by I.V haloperidol with close cardiac monitoring

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