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Our website has changed. Cruise through the Fellowship courses are now available under the Psych Scene website. Lots more value added to the new courses with easy navigation!

Please visit Psych Scene for information. 

Cruise Through the Fellowship aim to provide the best value courses for candidates preparing for the RANZCP Workplace Based Assessments (WPA's), Entrustable Professional Activities (EPA's), Written and Clinical Exams. CTF Courses are developed by Psych Scene, the leading provider of Psychiatry Training Events for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of Registrars, Consultant Psychiatrists and other Mental Health Professionals in Australia and New Zealand. Psychiatry professionals rate the CTF Courses highly and often continue supporting the Psych Scene training initiatives even after passing their psychiatry exams.

We have a formidable database of over 700 EMQ questions, over 80 MEQ themes and over 15 Critical Analysis papers for the written exams. For the clinicals, we equip you with skills that will last you a life time. The competitive advantage of our courses is that we provide you with the relevant notes, explain concepts through face to face lectures and provide guidance even after the course of required. Our material is relevant for the exams and the real world. When you attend our courses, be prepared to transform your practice. 

Whilst delivering quality training with pride, Psych Scene continue to develop the existing training programme to ensure that the CTF Exam Prep Course remains the most unique and cost effective course available. With the exams evolving, a number of changes have been brought about to maximise your chances of passing the RANZCP WBA's, EPA's, Written and Clinical ExamsMoreover, based on the feedback obtained, innovative online learning tools, such as and, have been designed to take psychiatry learning to a new level.


The various courses and training tools offered by Psych Scene have the potential to transform the way you think about psychiatry. The Psych Scene team design, create and redevelop materials with your future in mind; to make the transition from an Exam Going Candidate to a competent Psychiatrist a successful and well supported experience. As a CTF Course participant you recieve access to several benefits:

  • Attend comprehensive revision courses to prepare for the RANZCP exams
  • Get your own copies of the CTF Course Booklets
  • Access quality online resources for Psychiatric Interviewing and Critical Appraisal
  • Receive invitations to Psych Scene special training events
  • Receive the Psych Scene e-Newsletter with the latest updates
  • Increase your chances of passing the RANZCP exams

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