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MEQ & CEQ Written Exam Course

Please visit the brand new website for the MEQ and CEQ Course information with pre and post course resources by clicking here

The new CTF MEQ & CEQ Written Course is a fully charged two-day training event that prepares you to pass the RANZCP Essay-Style Exam. Attendees benefit from efficient face-to-face training, comprehensive course booklets and online resources for self-study. All questions are updated and newly devised based on exam changes and candidate feedback over 5 years. We cover 20 Question themes with several sub-themes spanning all specialities in psychiatry. Besides preparing you for the exam, the course will prepare you in becoming a competent psychiatrist in the real world. 

As the new exam is marked at a Junior Consultant Psychiatrist Level, the course is modified to include basic clinical principles of formulation and management that provides the candidate with a solid structure to approach any MEQ.


Print the Written Course Leaflet. 

What do YOU get by joining the course?

  • Two days of intensive revision
  • Day 1 - Structure to Approach MEQ (Modified Essay Questions) / Formulation and Management Principles
  • Day 2 - MEQ Questions spanning all specialities
  • Additional MEQ's based on leadership and management component to adapt to the junior consultant psychiatrist level
  • Day 2- CEQ (Critical Essay Question) training by Medical Writer (Michelle Guillemard)
  • Comprehensive Written Notes Booklet
  • Discussion around questions to consolidate your knowledge base.
  • Opportunity to submit individual essays for detailed and structured feedback based on the new marking scheme. 

Candidates that have attended the CTF Written Revision Course previously and not passed the exam receive a 25% discount on any subsequent Written Courses. Contact the Psych Scene team if you believe to be eligible.


Bookings for the CTF Courses are open on the new Psych Scene website!



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