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OCI/M-OCI Courses

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"I have passed the MOCI exam this time. Thanks a lot for your support. The course held in January was really helpul and boosted my morale before the exam."

Dr Prabhakaran

"The OCI/MOCI course is excellent and has a strong exam focus which is exactly what we need. Although we do attend the OCI course conducted by our local training is not the same!"

Clinical Course Candiate

"I wanted to say thank you for your assistance in getting through the fellowship exams. I have now passed the OSCE and OCI first go and am very relieved that the examination phase of my training is over. I used all your available resources for both the writtens and the clinicals over the past 18 months and am grateful that you decided to fill the gap in training resources. In particular I found that the CTF OCI Course transformed the way I approached that exam which no doubt helped me get over the line first time. Thanks again."

Course Candidate



"I was ambivalent about attending this course but now I'm very happy that I managed to attend as I found it very useful. Many Thanks."

Dr Aciu

"A brilliant way to prepare for exams."

Dr James

"For those new to the RANZCP style and expectations this is an invaluable course which, if taken early on in exam preparation, will save time, effort and money."

Dr Gilbert

"Excellent revision for consultancy vivas."

Dr Goldsworthy

"Highly recommended."

Dr Srivastava

Clinical Course for Registrars


"This course is just what the floundering trainee needs to hone down skills for the clinical exam. Excellent approach to formulation and management that can be applied to any case."

Dr Suzy Redston, Melbourne

"Really enjoyed the course - BEST value for money. Don't go to anyone else!"

Dr Catherine Johnston, Registrar Course 2010

"Excellent power-punched weekend, great resources and very practical in relation to exams and preparation. Well worth doing - would highly recommend."

Dr Carolyn Little, Registrar Course 2010

"Awesome Course!!"

Dr Kim Yee Yong, September 2010

"This course should be integrated into mainstream teaching as part of psychiatric training from first year. As for the rest of us, it serves as a catalyst for integration of knowledge and experience gained through years of public service work."

Dr Goran Stevens, 2010 Candidate

"Really made formulation much more sophisticated than previous attempts."

Dr Danielle Florida, Registrar Course 2010

"Fantastic course - really useful and helpful resources. Great presentations and revising re OSCES's."

Dr Jasveen Kaur, Registrar course 2010

"I would recommend this course to other candidates, even up to a year would be useful."

Dr S. Paisley, Registrar Course 2010

"I credit the CTF course with providing amazingly well targeted information in how to present oneself and pass... getting through the exam is not so much about what you know as your technique, and it's hard to go wrong with this method."

Dr Neil Jeyasingam, NSW

"Very enthusiastic and earnest presentation. The course material is immensely helpful as a framework to help organise thoughts."

Dr Ang Giap Kian, TAS

"The course is goal oriented and straight to the point with concise evidence based notes. Practicing with real patients with mental illness and observing the interview is beneficial. Highly recommended for an early start."

2009 Course Candidate

"Excellent presentation of course material and very useful structure of OCI presentations. In the OSCE, the use of actors was very helpful with good feedback and variety."

2009 Course Candidate

"Really helpful running through your formulations and then seeing the patients. The written information is really good. Practicing the osce’s was really helpful. I’m glad the second day was structured this way."

2009 Course Candidate

"It was beneficial listening to formulations and seeing others do the OCI and thinking differently about the framework for management. Excellent having actors and examiners in the OSCE’s."

2009 Course Candidate

"Thank you for your tremendous effort and brilliant course. I absolutely learned heaps and wish this had existed years ago! Many Thanks again."

Dr Beverley Geiman, NZ

"Just a short note to let you know that I passed the Clinical exams in October on my first attempt. I do believe attending your course in September'10 played a big role in helping me achieve this. Thanks much!" 

Dr Joseph Kelly

Clinical Course for Exemption Candidates


"This course offers a smörgåsbord of golden nuggets vital for those intent on passing the ECE examination. Dr Rege's enthusiastic delivery seeps into the pores; leaving one equipped and ready to face the exam. Well done!"

Dr Daniel Riordan - MRCPsych, FRANZCP, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist

"I passed both OSCE & OCI. It is with great help you offerred. Not only for the clinical course, but also for the written course. CTF is the best examination course I ever attended. I always recommend my collegues to attend CTF. Thanks again to CTFCourse for the great work you have being doing. With out your support I may not have made even the writtens!  As you said I did only 8 OCIs with senior collegue before the exam, all with the structure you gave us!"


Dr Rohitha Ranasinghe

"A good course not just for exams but also for quality daily clinical work."

Dr Paul Fung

"The course is helping to break the 'all the same' pattern of preparation for the exam."

Dr Sergei Yukhnevich

"A course that clarifies the structure of the OCI as best can be! This course was as good as it can get."

Apr'11 Course Candidate

"I passed the clinicals on the first attempt with the CTF Course as my main preparation tool. Also Psych Interview helped me a lot in preparing for the MOSCE's. I don’t think passing the exam would have been possible without these two courses, and I am strongly recommending them to everyone. I think it is the best investment I have done in my life... Doing the maths: reappearing costs $3000; and courses together cost $1800 minus the stress and triumph of passing... Thanks for masterminding such an innovative course!”  

Dr Mitali Bhuyan, NSW

"I have passed the Exemption Candidate Exam, Nov 2010 in the first go. I attended the CTF workshop, went through the CTF course booklets on OCI and OSCE, and also practiced with the videos on Psych Interview. I definitely believe that your course materials have been extremely useful in my cruising through the fellowship exam!

Thank you for the good work you are doing for the student community and the patients at large." 

Dr Jayanta Deb, VIC

"I would like to thank you, Dr Corr and your colleague, very much for your time and hard work over the weekend.

I thought the course was very good in nutting out the specifics, esp in the formulation (which I have struggled with) and management. It has been incredibly helpful, informative and hopefully will equip me with the skills for the real exams.

The practical experiences for the 2 OCI's and OSCEs were invaluable, esp having the advantage of an experienced Examiner to offer us her opinions and what examiners are "looking for" in the real exams.

All in all it was a great course for exam preparation with valuable tips and information."

Dr Beatrice Huang, VIC

"I need to let you know about my success in the November 2009 ECE exam. I hereby acknowledge the role you have played in this success through the 2-day course you ran in Sydney which was a great outline and a structure to follow the rest of the year prior to the exam."

Dr Artin Jebejian, NSW

"CTF course serves the purpose for candidates who are appearing in a few weeks and also for those who are going to appear in 6-12 months.Those who are appearing early, the material provides a good source of revision and those who are going to appear late it would provide a template and framework to how to approach the RANZCP exam. I would recommend the course to my colleagues."

Dr Sanjeev Sharma - Consultant Psychiatrist, Perth, WA

"Almost an Oasis in the middle of a big desert", implying the limited opportunities for exam preparation and training that the OTP's are exposed to. An excellent platform to share, identify, "grieve" with people in the same boat and sail with a good leader on board towards the "right" course."

Dr Rajneesh Singh

"Pleased to inform you that I have passed the ECE. I owe a big thanks to you. Your course and the materials provided I would say is the gold standard. I am also recommending the course to my friends."

Dr Praveen Ravindranath, New Zealand

"Excellent course and worth more than the cost."

Dr Rowan Haputhantrige

"The combination of course presentation, written and online resources are exceptional. The haze is lifting...!"

Dr Kate Roberts, ECE Candidate

"Excellent course, very well structured, relevant to exam needs, provokes you to really modify and change your approach and attitude towards exams in specific and clinical practice in general."

Dr Ramakrishna, Oct 2010

"Course written material is excellent. I have found most people talking about style but nobody gives you content that the course has given. Thanks for this! History taking and formulation part in workshop were also good. Overall an excellent course."

2009 Course Candidate

"CTF Course provides very thorough and systematic approach towards RANZCP Exams and the team members are always available (on phone / online) for any mentoring and guidance; I wish the team all my support for their future flourishment."

Exemption Candidate, October 2010

"Very helpful. Would have attended 2 weekends with M-OCI and M-OSCE each. focused on practically passing the exam, unlike RANZCP ECE Course."

Dr Lisa Blackwell, NSW

"Very useful, high quality teaching course, highly recommended. Do it earlier, so as to have enough time to practice post course. Keep it up and ensure more candidates get the benefit of the course (multicentres)."

Dr Uday Kolur, Consultant Psychiatrist, ECE Candidate

"The material produced by Dr Sanil Rege really helped me to pass the exam. I have to say that the special topics that he has done in this course like approach to eating disorders, forensic cases, and organic cases are extremely useful. One, who is serious about passing this exam and feeling pressured about time, would find it a great help. For example I got an eating disorder case and during my preparation I couldn’t arrange a practice OCI in this sub-specialty. One of the best things that helped me to approach this case and pass was undoubtedly the course material."

Dr Manoj Narayanan - FRANZCP, Staff Specialist

"Thank you very much for a brilliant, scholarly presentation in the examination workshop conducted at the Wollongong Hospital on 11th October 2008. In particular, the course content was well researched and met the requirements of the exam candidates in preparing for the final exams. I think the presentation was precise and well timed and the course certainly benefitted all the exemptions candidates."

Dr Nagesh Pai - Senior Staff Specialist and Clinical Associate Professor

"The content of the exam preparation course was clearly focused on how to pass the OCI in contrast to less specific advice from the college. I found it particularly useful the way attention was given to breaking down the parts of the presentation following the observed interview. I think this is the hardest part for many psychiatric trainees that have already passed the exams in their home countries and now need to re-train their presentation to the subtly different Australian requirements.

Dr Rege covered a huge amount of clearly presented information in one day whilst effectively summarizing many of the major psychiatric conditions with useful current references and succinct summaries of the key features of conditions and their comorbidities. I believe the delegates were left with a renewed sense of hope that the exam is achievable."

Dr Spencer Duke - MRCPsych, FRANZCP

"This course is practically useful, comprehensive and focused. It is both tailored toward examination preparation and post examination years. It is recommended for RANZCP fellows as trainers in CPD context."

Dr Stephen Ayeni, WA

"Just wanted to let you know that I passed the ECEs held this November. I found the CTF course very helpful particularly in getting a perspective on the M-OCI and in organising my thinking time around a management plan."

Dr Anjana Ferns

"No exam candidate should go for exams without CTF which is a passport to enter the college." 

Dr Narinder Panesar

"I attended your course for ECE exam in Sydney, and passed my exams in Novemeber. The course was a real booster for the exam - thanks and best wishes to you for future." 

Dr Manish Chauhan

Written Courses


"Overall a great course, very intensive but very useful."

"Really enjoyed the course!"

"Overall absolutely awesome!"

"Enjoyed the serious approach to study - got more covered. Efficient process of delivery of material, yet able to transmit lots of relevant information." 

January Course Candidates

Written Exam Course


"CTF course was my fourth course attended for the written exams; The best and most practically applicable."

Dr Devina Singh, NSW

"Sanil and the CTF team, thank you for all your hard work. I have passed the written exam, and I would like to attribute the majority of that to attending the CTF writtens course. I am highly recommending this to all my colleagues who are sitting writtens in the near future.

Keep up the good work and thanks again. Oh, and I will definitely be registering for the clinical course when it comes time for me to jump the final hurdle."

Dr Greg Sam

"I have passed and I wish to thank CTF for the eye opening course!" 

Course Candidate

"Having done courses for the MRCPsych, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the CTF course - Definitely comparable."

Dr Lisa Blackwell, NSW

"The CTF Course certainly fills the gap in exam prep resources in Australia."

Dr Adith Mohan, NSW

"Excellent, well worth it - Thank you!"

Dr Christopher Cocks, NSW

"Well organised, comprehensive and concise study notes. consistent approach, presenter is very competent, professional and energising. The pace kept me entertained."

2009 Course Candidate

"Comprehensive content, easy to follow, helped focus my revision and rehearse techniques for answering questions."

Dr Simon Bainbridge, New Zealand

"I just want to say special thanks for your help in passing my written exam, held in July 2010. I studied only 8 wks + this course & succedded. Day 2 gave me huge confidence as CAP was my weakest link. That 2nd day approved vital at the end as I scored 70% in that portion & made recovery for other areas. Thanks again.

I do recommend your course to everyone & hopefully will be in touch in the future especially for the clinical exam." 

Written Course Candidate

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